There will be four workshops this year, but as with all the other activities you choose what you want to participate. We wanted to offer you an abundant and diverse program, but if you prefer to relax and connect with fellow designers, feel free to skip some parts. 

October 05, 2019

Belgrade, Serbia

18h, 2 hours

Object-oriented programming is widely used by software developers to organize information into classes, define their properties and actions available. This workshop will employ a similar approach to designing interfaces. All information (including menus, buttons, titles, pictures, etc.) will be described as objects, properties, and actions available, then prioritized and used to create a set of screens. 


The value of this approach is in using people's mental models as a basis for the interface, instead of database structure or other technical considerations. 


At the same time, participants will learn how to make object models to facilitate understanding within the team and with various stakeholders. Although it might sound complicated, the approach is simple and easy to use when moving from requirements to creating prototypes. 


This workshop will be useful for most roles within the product development process: analysts, developers, and designers can equally find the proposed approach helpful. 


There are no prerequisites for this workshop.

How to Conduct a Problem Interview with Your Customers

by  Yana Sanko, the Lead Experience Consultant at UXPressia

October 06, 2019

Belgrade, Serbia

09h, 7 hours with a lunch and coffee breaks

A fully practical workshop where participants will learn how to conduct and prepare for a problem interview with your customers. They will actually conduct lots of short interviews and practice several techniques like "5 whys", 5W+H and others.



Problem interview is one of the most powerful ways to learn actionable insights about your product. However, the quality of insights is dependent upon your technique and preparation. We designed this workshop to help you practice interview techniques. 


In this workshop we will cover:


  • How to plan and prepare for the interview to get more quality insights?

  • How to behave during the interview? What signs to monitor?

  • How to move from closed to open questions?

  • Which questions are better for deep dive into specific aspects of a problem and which help you widen the search?

  • How to help your respondents and leave a good impression? 

  • How to smoothly use 5 Why’s, 5W+H and other techniques within your interview?


Participants practice and receive lots of feedback from facilitators and other participants throughout the workshop. We will role-play short interviews for specific cases. Each participant will play the respondent, the interviewer, and an observer, so everyone is expected to share feedback at some point. 


Who would benefit


UX Professionals who conduct, Visual designers who receive feedback or act on interview results, Product managers or anyone whoever needs to be able to conduct a good interview


There is no prerequisite for participation. 

Customers Segmentation Based on Behavior Attributes

by  Nikita Efimov, Senior Product Manager

October 08, 2019

Belgrade, Serbia

14h, 4 hours

Participants will learn how they can split their target audience (create customer groups) based on behavioral attributes like goals, problems, tasks, triggers, etc.




Have you ever tried to segment somehow your target audience to design perfect UX for them? Many of us did. But sometimes it doesn't bring any results. Reasons? We do such segmentation based on demographics only. We create beautifully crafted personas, but they do not contain any behavioral information. Nothing that helps us to understand people's needs.

During this workshop participants will learn how to group their target audience based on different behavioral attributes:

  • goals 

  • experience

  • needs

  • problems/constraints

  • jobs-to-be-done

Participants will go step by step identifying behavioral attributes, highlighting behavioral patterns, and describing user groups.

This workshop will help you to:

  • Understand what behavioral attributes are and why you should use them.

  • Practice discovering behavioral patterns.

  • Learn how to go from behavioral attributes to user groups.

  • How to create behavior-driven personas.

It will be useful for UX/UI designers, Researchers, Product Managers, Marketers.

Workshop features:

  • A single-story throughout the entire workshop: we will help one startup to segment their target audience.

  • Practice exercises are based on real research results.

Using AI for Enhancing Customer Experience

by  Agnieszka Walorska, Founder at Creative Construction

October 10, 2019

Belgrade, Serbia

14h, 4 hours

What it is: A careful look at the many ways in which AI and customers interact and how to prototype these kinds of interactions.


Key Skills and Abilities to Discover: Learning how Data, machine learning, and AI impact the way we interact with technology. This includes translating customer needs into possible AI-applications, dealing with the potential pitfalls of AI and machine learning, and prototyping an AI-product such as chatbots and voice interfaces. 


Applications for the Camp are now closed but you can still apply for talks and workshops.

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