If you’ve ever wondered what the life of digital nomads is like, now you can test it out for a week. You don’t have to waste your vacation days, keep working while improving yourself personally and professionally.



Mokrin House is a coworking and coliving space located in the north of Serbia. It is a modern and urban spot in rural surroundings. Studies have shown that stepping out of the regular work environment increases productivity and creativity.



The working space is open 24 hours a day and it is fully isolated from the accommodation part of the estate. Although you can always get a lazy bag and move your workstation around the garden.



There are several different types of accommodation suited for both individuals and smaller groups and teams. Choose from a hostel like one to a luxury hotel room.



We take care of the food so that you can focus on your UX tasks, meeting other awesome designers or relaxing in a beautiful Mokrin countryside. All the food is organic, produced on the property where the Camp is held. Vegetarian meals are included, just share your preferences.



Work and life balance is the key to a happy life, which is why after-hours activities are plentiful. There is an open Bio Swimming pool, movie nights and open-air cinema when you want to take a break.


Mokrin is located in Serbia's northern province of Vojvodina. It is the southernmost part of the Great Pannonian Plain, a land of broad, meandering rivers and fertile fields. Castles and hedonistic restaurant are hidden all over the beautiful countryside. Vojvodina is called “Serbian granary” and for a good reason.

How to Get There

Three major airports are only two hours or less away from Mokrin House – Budapest, Belgrade, and Timisoara. We can organize a safe and quick airport transfer if you are coming through one of these airports.


We don’t cover the travel expenses but we can help you with the search. There will be two organized airport transfers from/to Belgrade, Budapest and Timisoara.

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