We are so happy to welcome our first guest lecturers to UX Designers Camp.


Seize the opportunity as a participant to present what you work on and ask for feedback. If you want to improve as a speaker use your new tribe to practice and get support. Opportunities are endless. We give you space and the people, but as a creative person, you decide how to get the most out of it.


Digital Product Designer

  • LinkedIn - Bojan Djuricic
  • Twitter - Bojan Djuricic

Surviving a Ryanair.com Rehaul

In 2015 Ryanair initiated complete rehaul of their online service. UX of ryanair.com has been criticized for years, so one of the major goals of rehauling was to redesign the whole experience to make it more usable and nicer looking.


Ryanair.com was a tremendous scaling and logistics challenge. A workforce of around 200 people poured into their new offices. Devops, backend, frontend, product owners, scrum masters, designers, researchers - you name it, they had it. And I had the opportunity to be a part of that merry company.


Let me tell you a story about it.


CEO and Co-Founder​

MVP Workshop

  • LinkedIn - Ivan Bjelajac
  • Twitter - Ivan Bjelajac

Why Blockchain Needs Design

It is clear how disruptive blockchain is, but not everyone knows that just like the internet - it’s real societal impact can only come to life with wide adoption of blockchain tech, which calls for real human interaction with Blockchain products on a daily basis. This requires design and listening closely to the needs of people using your software, and crafting your product in response to those needs.


You need to understand the problem you’re solving, whom you’re solving it for, and why. When it comes to the blockchain, well-designed products that meet the standards of today’s discerning consumers are the ones that are most likely to succeed.


Head of Design

2amigos Consulting Group

  • LinkedIn - Marko Prljic
  • Twitter - Marko Prljic
UX for Blockchain: a Mindset Shift, the Emergence of New Skills and Overcoming Barriers on the Path to Universal Design 

The blockchain space is still in its early stages, but it’s growing rapidly. Most efforts are put into the development and implementation of technical solutions and innovation is happening every day! It is still very developer-centric space, but as we’re seeing greater adoption it becomes clear that designers need to get involved from the ground floor. Some of the largest companies like IBM, Microsoft and Google are already developing and implementing Blockchain solutions in their products, ones that are being used by millions. 


My goal today is to share a common vision of UX design for Blockchain, why it needs a shift in design mindset and what are top skills to be developed by UX designers working in this field. What challenges and limitations are we confronting today and how can we solve them? How the acquired knowledge and methods of interaction design can be applied to Blockchain product development? 


Digital Product Designer

emondo design

  • LinkedIn - Ivana Milicic
  • Twitter - Ivana Milicic

Attractive Things Work Better

Visuals affect emotions and make a significant impact on our perception of a product’s performance. Let’s do a deep dive on how visual perception works and what product teams can do to take advantage of that knowledge.

In this talk, I will explain why and how emotions can influence a product’s success and what role visuals play in producing them. Through a series of various screen examples, I will demonstrate how humans perceive objects, why establishing a clear visual hierarchy is essential, and how details matter.


Senior UX Designer

  • LinkedIn - Milica Tomic Jovanovic

The Missing Link

How do you move from research to solutions? How do you transform piles of information collected through field studies into ideas and then into the right solution? Often, if you compare research insights with concrete solutions, it is not clear how the former led to the latter. Due to lack of understanding, this part of the design process is often skipped or some dark magic is being attributed to it – usually explained as designers’ talent. Because of that, research is often misinterpreted and final solutions disconnected from the real world. 

But there is a process that bridges this gap in a structured and repeatable way. Design synthesis is a key part of the design process that helps to make sense of the research, connect it to idea generation and to final solutions. It is making sense out of chaos. Being able to do synthesis is what differentiate experienced designers from the rest. I’ll shed some light on this process, explain what it is and what methods are there at your disposal.


CEO at Ptype

UX & Product Design Agency

  • LinkedIn - Debbie Levitt

The Four Horsemen of Bad UX®

We have all heard, “The user didn’t like it,” but that’s lacking detail. Negative user experiences can be boiled down to four key emotions: frustration, confusion, disappointment, and distraction. UX strategist and designer Debbie Levitt will show us how to spot these Four Horsemen and bravely fight them off.

Add UX Prototyping to Your Process

More and more, UX pros are declaring wireframes “dead” and moving towards clickable, interactive prototyping. Learn the reasons to add prototyping to your process, the different types of prototyping, and the main tools jobs are requiring.


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