We are excited to welcome our guest speakers to the UX Designers Camp 2019.

Seize the opportunity as a participant to present what you work on and ask for feedback. If you want to improve as a speaker use your new tribe to practice and get support. Opportunities are endless. We give you space and the people, but as a creative person, you decide how to get the most out of it.


Lead UX Designer and Product Design Strategist

  • LinkedIn - Miklos Philips
  • Twitter - Miklos Philips

Miklos is a Lead UX Designer and Product Design Strategist with over 18 years of experience. Currently in London, he spent 18 years in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles as a UX designer. While remaining a hands-on UX practitioner, over the last five years he’s also led small design teams.


As a champion of user-centered design practices and strategic thinking, he mediates between user needs, business objectives, and technical feasibility, resulting in product designs that please people, make their lives easier, and impact the bottom line.


UX and design is his passion, and he writes articles regularly as the Lead Design Blog Editor at Toptal. He also speaks at design events and conferences—sometimes as a member of the Toptal Speakers Network, and mentors UX designers at various educational and professional industry organizations, such as Springboard.


Founder at Creative Construction

  • LinkedIn - Agnieszka Walorska
  • Twitter - Agnieszka Walorska

Agnieszka Maria Walorska is founder and CEO of CREATIVE CONSTRUCTION, hidence, and kickstartAI. As one of the very first employees at one of the biggest exit-success stories on the German market (studiVZ), Agnieszka has played a crucial role in the explosive growth of this social network. She is the author of publications and sought-after expert and keynote speaker on topics of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Innovation, and Customer Experience. She led successful Innovation and Customer Experience projects across several industries, including utilities, banking, and media.


She studied social sciences and politics at Warsaw University and Humboldt-University of Berlin and received a scholarship from Studienstiftung and Hertie Foundation. When she is not busy solving innovation problems, she is training for her next long-distance triathlon. 


UX Consultant at UXPressia

As an UXPressia consultant, Olga with her team helps companies implement the Human-Centered Design approach, assess product ideas and design elegant user-focused solutions that add value to the business and its customers.


Mtech of Human Factors & Ergonomics with over 7 years experience in the software development area, Olga remains a hands-on UX and business analysis practitioner with more than 60 projects in the background with some of the world’s top brands including Intel, AMD, Disney, Coca-Cola, Epson, and Nike.

  • LinkedIn - Olga Schneider


Senior Product Manager

  • LinkedIn - Nikita Efimov
  • Twitter - Nikita Efimov

Nikita Efimov is a Senior Product Manager, a UX coach at the training center ITMINE, and an inspiring leader of the UXSPb – a community of UX designers, user researchers, and information architects in Saint-Petersburg.


Nikita has over 13 years of experience in the Software Development area, including positions as a Head of UX and Senior Product Manager. He has a strong experience in UX, user research and product management.


He is an experienced speaker and organizer of several conferences in Russia, including World Usability Day, World Information Architecture Day, ProfsoUX, and SECR.


Lead Experience Consultant at UXPressia

As an UXPressia Consultant, Yana with the team drives complex transformational projects that help companies to become Human-Centered.


An experienced researcher with a background in anthropology, co-founder of UX Connect community in Minsk. Being a strong believer in cross-disciplinary collaboration, Yana co-authored City as an Experience Urban School in Minsk.

  • LinkedIn - Yana Sanko


UX Writer and Marketing Manager

  • LinkedIn - Yana Sanko

Marija Jamandilovski is a writer at heart, and words have been her weapon of choice since she was a kid. In the last few years, she fights to bring the power of words and the right use of language to the digital world.


Throughout her career, she's been a language teacher, a translator, a content strategist and writer, and most recently a marketing manager. She is an expert in content writing and SEO for promo websites, blogs, and social media. Knowing the secrets of a good UX copy, she brought new ideas to several projects and helped mobile and web apps communicate its brand, tone, and voice to the users more easily. She worked with international companies and helped startups bring their ideas to life. 


Applications for the Camp are now closed but you can still apply for talks and workshops.

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