Work and life balance is the key to a happy life, which is why after-hours activities are plentiful. There is an open Bio Swimming pool, movie nights and open-air cinema when you want to take a break.  



Thanks to global warming our autumn usually get replaced with an extension of a warm summer, so you might even jump into the refreshing Bio Swimming pool at the property. If you get tired of all those creative thoughts coming into your head after hours and hours talking about UX design, what better than cooling in this rural zen oasis…



Jumpstart your day with some yoga classes in the morning before you open your computer. Mokrin House is situated in a rural zen location and if you haven’t started working on your mindfulness yet this might be a perfect chance.



At the estate, there are more than half a dozen bikes, at your disposal. Whether that is a ride to the village to buy an ice cream or through the grass fields after UX lessons to clear up your mind and perform a pleasant evening workout.



We have all the equipment at the venue for you to keep up with your daily lifestyle. If you like exercising choose from riding a bicycle, jogging, yoga or a fully equipped gym.


We will make sure to take an advantage of pleasant evenings in October and enjoy a movie night in the garden. Projector, speakers, large selection of movies, lazy bags, and popcorn.


Mokrin has an amazing library hidden in a renovated 100 years old family house. Ask our lovely hosts to tell you more about the property history and how they came up with an idea to wake up the entire village. It was enough to motivate us to organize UX Designers Camp.


What do you say about the pool competition? There is no better excuse to stay indoors and admire a lovely interior that won several design awards. Mokrin House was all over the internet as a good example of what happens when the investor believes in the team he hired.


Mokrin is located in Serbia's northern province of Vojvodina. It is the southernmost part of the Great Pannonian Plain, a land of broad, meandering rivers and fertile fields. Castles and hedonistic restaurant are hidden all over the beautiful countryside. Vojvodina is called “Serbian granary” and for a good reason.

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Pictures by Mokrin House